About Twin Falls Gear

At Twin Falls Gear we love to get outside and camp, and we understand the importance of quality outdoor gear.  If you are a newbie or a pro at outdoor adventure, know that we offer you products that we like, need or want for ourselves.  We love to share with you the items that work best for your next adventure out on the trail.

What began as 2 weeks at Girl Scout Summer Camp, has turned into a lifetime passion and year round activities for our whole family.  My husband and I met on a Boy Scout Rock Climbing Trip at Joshua Tree National Monument and last summer we did a 3 generation backpack in the Sierras, fitting in all our levels of experience from first timers to advanced.  It was fun to see it all come together, especially the various types of equipment, shared, purchased and hacked. Our passion for outdoor adventure is clear, whether you phone us, or chat with us online.

We seek to inspire and outfit you for your next outdoor adventure.  We are located in Southern California and insist on getting outdoors as often as possible.

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Looking back toward Lake Edison from Graveyard Lakes Trail, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains.


Goodale Pass, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Sierra Nevada Mountains.