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Lightweight Stainless Steel and Aluminum Stove split-style added to the store.

I've used a lot of stoves in my years backpacking, and this one has all the bases covered. Stainless steel and aluminum keeps it strong yet light in your pack, weighing only 5 ounces more than the same style titanium stove but at 1/4 the price! The wide base legs keep the stove balanced, the large burner spreads out the heat on the bottom of your pot, the wide serrated supports grip your small or large pot, the hose to the canister allows you to change out an empty canister while cooking.  You can even flip the canister over to use up the last gas.  Pick up the foldable windscreen to burn your fuel efficiently.  You're gonna LOVE cooking on...

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Keep the sun off during winter trips to the tropics and deserts

You have probably hidden your face from the sun for the last 3 months.  If you are planning a winter get-away to sunny weather, be sure to protect your face from that intense sun in the lower latitudes.  We just posted a NEW HAT that comes in 18 color varieties including 3 types of camo and your favorite solid colors.  You can order them for FREE with a LIMIT of 2 per customer and you only pay for shipping.  Order yours now while they last.  Not sure if we can get more at THAT PRICE once they are gone.

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